Consultation rooms

Our purpose built hospital has four consultation rooms. This enables shorter waiting times. Each consulting room contains advanced computer software to store clinical histories, digital x-rays and photos, as well enabling speedy script writing for medications.

We also have a dedicated cat waiting area and consulting room. This promotes a less stressful environment for our feline patients, enhanced by our use of relaxing pheromones dispensers in these areas.

Laboratory and Microscopy

Fast diagnostics and treatment is our aim at Main Street Veterinary Clinic. We use an integrated state-of-the-art IDEXX blood, urine analysis and coagulation machines. This enables full blood profiles, including haematology, electrolytes, biochemistry, and hormonal and drug markers to be run on-site very quickly whilst you wait. Our breeders will benefit from fast in-house progesterone testing for timing of AI and caesarian sections. Our ability to run an SDMA blood test will enable very early detection of renal problems in our pets.

Microscopy, including cytology, fine needle biopsy, urinalysis, haematology and parasitic examinations can all be done in our clinic.


We have designated hospital facilities for dogs, cats, birds and exotics. We also have an isolation ward, an intensive care and recovery area and undercover outside runs.

Surgical facilities

The clinic is equipped with 4 anaesthetic machines and monitoring equipment. Two well equipped surgical suites are used for a wide range of surgical procedures from de-sexing and lump removals, to orthopaedic surgeries and most things in between. Anaesthetic facilities are also available in the treatment room, and the imaging room. We also have an electrosurgical and coagulation unit.

Dentals are performed using our dental scaler and polishing machine.

Diagnostic Imaging

We use computed or digital radiology. This means that high quality x-rays can be taken and analysed quickly and results in less x-rays being required and therefore lower radiation exposure to pets. The images are also able to be stored or your pet’s history and can be sent to a veterinary specialist to be analysed if required.

The clinic also had a number of both rigid and flexible endoscopy units, in addition to ultrasound. We have a specific ultrasound for both small animals and large animal pregnancy detection.


We stock a large number of medications for almost all conditions so the medication is on hand when needed. This includes a store of snake antivenin, and tick antitoxin medications.

Our consultation rooms are spacious and purpose designed to ensure your pet is relaxed.

If your pet requires hospitalisation, our hospital area are custom designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

There are separate hospitalisation area for dogs and cats.

We stock a wide range of medications for almost all conditions.

Surgery is carried out in our well equipped surgical suites.


Monday to Friday  8.30am to 6pm
Saturday  9am to 12 noon.

For emergencies only, please phone 51526666 to be connected to our out of hours triage service.


(03) 5152 6666
325 Main Street, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875