Alpha-Keri Bath Oil is:

  •  for use on dogs only 
  • for external use only 
  • human bath oil, available from chemists 

How to use:

  • use diluted at a rate of one capful of oil to 500mls of luke warm tap water 
  • apply 2-3 times daily to affected areas of skin

Can be used in a few ways:

Make up 500ml spray bottle with diluted solution and spray affected areas of skin

Use diluted solution as a final rinse after shampooing Swab diluted solution onto affected areas of skin with cotton wool or sponge i.e. armpits, belly, lower back & under tail Dip all feet into diluted solution & leave on skin (can have a margarine sized container of diluted solution near back door & dip all 4 feet on way out of house)

For dogs with generalized allergic skin conditions, atopy, or inherited poor skin barrier, the only shampoo recommended (by specialist veterinary dermatologists) for use is ”Mediderm” shampoo  (low sulphate and doesn’t strip skin oils as aggressively as most other shampoos).

Very important points to note for shampoo use: 

  • Do not apply shampoo directly from the bottle onto wet or dry dog. ALL shampoos should be diluted at a rate of 10mls shampoo to 100ml water in a container/jug and applied to the dog only once fully dissolved. 
  • Follow manufactures directions for contact time on the skin – usually 10 mins which you should time accurately. 
  • Very thoroughly rinse ALL shampoo residue from all areas of the dog’s coat.

Follow the shampoo with a diluted Alphakeri oil rinse(directions above) leaving this in the coat, or use “Nutriderm Replenishing Conditioner” which may be used as per package directions or diluted and used as a skin spray.


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